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What I provide

Psychotherapy provides a warm, supportive and very contained relationship through which you can explore your experiences, feelings, and behaviours openly and in depth.  In this context you can develop self-awareness, gain new insights and perspectives, learn to manage your emotional and physical responses, work through painful events, explore new ways of thinking and behaving and make changes for the better.

Where counselling is often short-term, psychotherapy usually takes place over a longer period of at least 20 sessions, and longer if you wish. This gives the opportunity for real change and growth. Though I usually suggest meeting weekly to begin with, we can meet less often if you wish once our working relationship is established.

I offer 50 minute sessions, generally between 9am and 5pm. I can sometimes also offer early morning and evening sessions.

I work with adults - ie age 18 and above.

I charge £48 per session. I can negotiate a reduced fee if this is beyond your means. Payment is either by cash or cheque at the end of each session.